in your head

Friday's artshow.

Ignacio Villanueva is an Artist based in Southern California. He was born 1975 in Van Nuys, later he moved to Huntington Beach where he brought with him his heavy habit of sketching and doodling. For Ignacio living within the Orange Curtain during the mid 80's and 90's was a good place to be exposed to skateboarding and a scene that was fruitful in visuals, music and characters. For a few years he had a stint in the skateboard industry managing teams for two separate shoe companies. Throughout his travels the one thing that remained consistent was the love of skateboarding and sketchbooks that he handily kept nearby documenting his travels, thoughts and experiences. In 2003 he began painting, which landed him his first solo show "Still Movement" at the Costa Mesa gallery Corner USA. More shows soon followed in Long Beach, Los Angeles and New York exhibiting work solo and with fellow skateboarding and creative peers. Ignacio finds inspiration in his surroundings, such as the picture poems of Kenneth Patchen, Charles Mingus on Piano or the minimalist approach of Saul Steinberg. Through the years Ignacio has developed a light, clean aesthetic; minimizing superfluous strokes, colors and accentuating the subject to keep his work straight forward and honest. After covering miles of concrete he is now a graphic designer by trade, and has created graphics for Etnies, Vans, Listen Skateboards and many more. Visit