in your head
We've been busy. We got our website up-the landing page at least. Also, we're scheduled to get our salesman samples in the next week. We'll be doing a photo shoot for the catalog. Lots goes into it that you don't see.
our GOLDENSTATEGOODS.COM landing page. 

Inspiration for our photoshoot. Edwin denim. 

 Our GSG circle logo embroidered. Super clean. 

sneak peek at our rigid selvage from cone denim......

We miss everyone involved in GSG Seal Beach. We had a lot of fun.
Now we move on to something we think you will love.

We are teaming up with the good peep's over at Ambig to launch a small capsule collection of menswear that's made all in Los Angeles. We scoured the warehouses, followed people with rolls of fabric in their trucks, and found the best people to help us along the way. We dug through dusty dark rooms to find the best Japanese selvage denim. We found a guy who makes rad leather accessories. All part of the LA experience.

We are just starting the process but will be updating and documenting it for you along the way So keep checking back.

We love you.
Here is where we are most days. Please visit again.