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Cody Hager

Cody Hager is an artist from the hills of Tehachapi California. Growing up as an identical twin his early inspirations came from the rebounding energy of twin brother jared and a southern Sierra Nevada back yard witch seemed to see no boundaries. As a 26 year old Skateboarder Cody surrounds himself with a renaissance lifestyle by building skate parks across the country, teaching wilderness survival classes, designing freelance art for the likes of volcom and vans, to the production an art skate travel zine titled  "road to nowhere". Codys art embodies life as it inevitably changes and is deeply inspired by Ralph Steadmans take on artistic journalism. Wether it be a quill worked water color paintings from the open road, a road kill deer turned lamp, or his latest volcom stone age line, Codys mixed media mind shows no end.

"The Lamp art show idea came about from a trip up to june lake with a good friend. Due to Jiffy Lubes crumby service we found ourselves spilling oil across the empty hwy 395. As we waited for the tow truck i took my friends dog out amongst the inyo national forest shrubs in search for any thing dead or alive. The dog came through and found me two perfect deer jaw bones and a perfectly intact sun bleached bambi spine. My first initial reaction was to some how turn this road side causality into an illuminated visual piece of art. After the spine lamp came a sea lion skull lamp then came skate board lamps and then came a type writer and so on and so on until i was hooked! Lamp life took over. This body of work is to break down all prior relationships with the modern lamp and explore the mass media possibilities of illuminated nature and everyday objects. Thomas Edison once said "All a good invention needs is an imagination and a pile of junk". This show will make tom proud." 

Lamps R Us

 Come see the craft of Cody Hager at GSG. Something about trees, bones and rocks made into lamps. 
Friday, Feb 18th from 7-10. Its a full moon too.